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Azure Virtual Desktop

Get access to virtual desktops and applications in minutes. Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly WVD) combines the Microsoft 365 and Azure worlds to provide the familiar Windows desktop experience in a secured, scalable and multi-session environment.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a Desktop-as-a-Service solution deployed through Microsoft Azure and allows users to access Windows 10/11 and all the necessary applications from anywhere on any device. It is not a physical machine that sits in your office or home; you can access your virtual desktops and application, all hosted in the Azure cloud. 

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Enhance Security

Built on the backbone of Azure Security; Azure Virtual Desktops are proactively secure with capabilities to help protect, prevent potential threats and take automated remedial action. Organizations can keep applications and data safe with company compliance.


Organizations can quickly scale their resources based on specific business requirements. With such flexibility and agility, organizations can optimize overall costs and always have the resources needed to operate at peak efficiency.

Work Remotely

When you need to manage remote access to company data and applications. Rather than using VPN when employees need to work remotely, Azure Virtual Desktop allows employees to access their virtual desktops and applications securely from any location, at any time and using any device.

Boost Productivity

Increasing business productivity is an overarching objective of most businesses. Azure Virtual Desktop can improve operational productivity by creating a flexible and modern workplace. Azure Virtual Desktop integrates with Microsoft 365 and Teams to enhance workplace productivity within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Zero Contractual Agreement

Unlike some virtual desktop solutions that might require your organization to stay with them for the term and duration of the contract, Azure Remote Desktop lasts as long as your Microsoft 365 license does, so there's nothing more to track and nothing more to manage.

Cloudilax Solutions Azure Virtual Desktop Offering

Our experienced professionals can assist your organization in adopting Azure Virtual Desktop. We can help you simplify implementation, reduce deployment time, save costs and help clients realize the full benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop. 

Our professional services include:


We analyze and review your present configurations, deployments, and policies.


Based on the analysis, we offer best practices recommendations and lay out a blueprint. 

Proof of Concept

 Live session to show how the service availability meets customers’ daily needs. 


Setup, Install, configure, test and deploy to production.


“Knowledge itself is power.” We document all tasks and train your team to manage your Intune confidently. 

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