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As the rate of cloud adoption spikes, organizations grow more and more dependent on secure cloud solutions and infrastructure. Yet, they often have technological sets that include numerous devices with widely varying attributes and disparate cloud security controls in various cloud environments.

By activating safe applications and connections from the data center to the cloud, Cloudilax Solutions provides the needed visibility and control across cloud cybersecurity infrastructure. Identifying and understanding the varying groups of available solutions is crucial to help lessen risks and improve security when considering cloud security products.

When appraising cloud security products, it’s essential to identify and comprehend the different categories of solutions that are available to help organizations diminish risk and enhance security. Among them are:

Cloud access security brokers (CASB):

CASB platforms are one of the earliest categories of cloud security solutions. They sit between cloud service users and cloud applications, and monitors all activity and implements security policies.

Software-defined compute (SDC) security:

SDC is one of the newer cloud security solutions categories and is named Cloud-Native Security. This set of solutions aims to ensure the security of containers and Kubernetes that run across cloud deployments.

Cloud workload protection platforms:

These employ both the cloud infrastructure and virtual machines. They also monitor activity and work on enabling features that prevent threats.

SaaS security:

Various types of technology focused on security are delivered as a service from the cloud to assist with security both on-premise and cloud workload. This set of solutions may include scans for weakness and some management attributes

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