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Intune for Windows


Modern Windows 10 and Windows 11 Management.

Microsoft’s Intune for Windows offers a cloud-based, no-infrastructure-needed solution for remote implementation and management of Windows 10 and 11 devices. Revolutionize the provisioning, updating, and management of Windows devices while lowering ownership costs and simplifying device management from the cloud. Intune combines Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for comprehensive Windows device management, providing flexibility and security for your mobile productivity needs.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Intune for Mobile Device Management

Zero On-Site Management - 100% Cloud

As a cloud-based solution, organizations are free from the stress of maintaining on-premise infrastructure and instead focus more on their business

Time Management – Device Setup and Configuration

Save yourself time and headaches. With Intune, there’s no need to deal individually with each device during setup and configuration.

Access Control - Allow or Deny Access

Intune enhances Microsoft Azures’ conditional access capabilities by adding mobile device compliance and mobile app management to the solution.

Centralised Control - Device Management

Entirely operable from the cloud, Intune provides a cost-effective, scalable centralized device management and control from a single pane of glass.

Access to Business Applications

With Intune's Mobile Application Management (MAM) capability, admins can deploy internal lines of business apps to all employee devices they may use for work purposes.

Meet Legal and Cybersecurity Requirements

Intune makes it easier to meet legal and company cybersecurity requirements. Data protection, encryption, and anti-malware are all done in the admin console.

Update and Patch Deployment

Intune makes updates and patch management automated and seamless. This helps minimize your organization's devices and applications vulnerabilities

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite

Intune part of Microsofts Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 subscriptions and Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 subscriptions giving you access to the best security and data control possible.

Device Compliance

Intune device compliance policy help to protect company data. Organizations can ensure that the devices are used to access company apps and data comply with specific rules.

Why Cloduilax Solutions?

Cloudilax Solutions offers the expertise to guide your Intune deployments seamlessly. From configurations to implementing best security practices, we will ensure you maximum benefits of Intune.

Our Proven Five-step Process

By effectively managing this risk, vulnerability management protects your reputation and revenues. This happens in five key stages.



We analyze and review your present configurations, deployments, and policies.


Based on the analysis, we offer best practices recommendations and layout a blueprint.


We deploy applications, policies, profiles, compliance rules, Windows Hello and devices auto-enrollment, and Microsoft Autopilot.


“Knowledge itself is power.” We document all tasks and train your team to be able to manage your Intune confidently.


Create on demand and customizable reports

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