What is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and How Does it Work?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Ultimate Enterprise-level Security.

Formerly Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a cutting-edge endpoint security platform tailored for enterprise infrastructures. It safeguards end-user devices like laptops, mobile phones, and desktops from advanced threats. This all-encompassing endpoint security solution defends your organization’s endpoints by preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to sophisticated cyberattacks targeting your devices. As a cloud-based solution, there’s no need for extra deployment or infrastructure, and its auto-update feature guarantees continuous endpoint protection.

What's the technology behind Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and how does it protect your endpoints?

Endpoint Behavioral Sensors

Inbuilt sensors aggregate and processes behavioral signals directly from the endpoint device and send this data to an isolated and private cloud instance of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Cloud Security Analytics

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint utilizes device learning and big data analytics technologies to translate behavioral signals into detections, human-readable insights, and recommended responses to threats.

Threat intelligence

Propagated by Microsoft’s threat hunters, security teams, and advanced threat data and insights accumulated by partners worldwide, threat intelligence enables Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to identify attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and generate intelligent alerts.

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Capabilities

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Proactively identifying, analyzing, and rectifying endpoint weaknesses is essential in running a healthy security program and reducing organizational risk. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint in real-time discovers your organization's vulnerabilities and misconfiguration.

Attack surface reduction

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint attack surface reduction set of features offers the first line of defense in its defense-in-depth capabilities. It ensures your endpoint configuration settings are appropriately set and advanced exploit remediation techniques are applied.

Next-Generation Protection

Utilizing machine learning and extensive data analysis, your organization's network perimeter is secured using Defenders Next-generation protection which includes behavior-based real-time, antivirus protection, near-instant cloud-delivered blocking, and reliable protection and product updates.

Centralized Control - Endpoint Detection and Response Device Management

Defender for Endpoint is designed to detect, investigate, and counter advanced threats that may slip past the first two security pillars. Defenders advanced hunting provides a query-based threat-hunting tool that lets organizations proactively find breaches and create custom alerts and detections.

Automated Investigation and Remediation

In addition to responding to advanced attacks quickly, The automated investigation and remediation (AIR) capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can help security operations teams address threats more efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Secure Score for Devices

Defender for Endpoint features Microsoft Secure Score for Devices to assist organizations in dynamically assessing the security state of their enterprise network, identifying unprotected and vulnerable systems, and taking the required actions to enhance your organization's overall security.

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