Uncover the essence of Microsoft Defender for Vulnerability Management and explore how it operates to fortify your organization's security framework

Minimize Cyber Risk with Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management. A comprehensive, risk-based vulnerability management solution is essential for organizations to mitigate cyber threats. Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management unifies identification, evaluation, remediation, and tracking of vulnerabilities across crucial assets in a single platform.

This advanced standalone tool offers intelligent assessments, asset visibility, and integrated remediation for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices. Leveraging Microsoft’s threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, business context, and device evaluations, Defender Vulnerability Management efficiently prioritizes critical vulnerabilities on vital assets and delivers security recommendations to reduce risk.

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management boosts your organization's cybersecurity, minimizing risks through:

Asset Discovery and Inventory for Vulnerability Management

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management is equipped with agentless scanners. There is more useful in hybrid and remote workplaces, helping organizations to monitor and detect even when the devices disconnect continuously.
Organizations are equipped with a single inventory with a real-time consolidated view of all software applications, network shares, digital certificates, and browser extensions to discover and analyze all assets within the organization.

Vulnerability and Configuration Assessment

Vulnerability management comprises a structured review of existing security weaknesses within your infrastructure. Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management provides a security baseline assessment, and a customizable baseline profile can be built. The customizable baseline profile can be used as a benchmark against risk compliance. Your cybersecurity team can monitor changes, installations, uninstalls, patches, and more. You can view event timelines and entity-level vulnerability to help prioritize vulnerabilities.

Risk-Based Intelligent Prioritization

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management leverages Microsoft's threat intelligence, breach likelihood predictions, business contexts, and device assessments to assist in quickly prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities in your organization. One view of prioritized recommendations from multiple security feeds and crucial details, including related CVEs and exposed devices, helps quickly remediate the vital vulnerabilities on your most critical assets.

Remediation and Tracking

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management offers built-in workflows for security administrators to collaborate and proactively remediate security incidences should include. You can have remediation requests, and tasks can be created and sent to the appropriate IT team. Also, you gain insights on other mitigations, including configuration changes that should enable your IT team to reduce the risk associated with known software vulnerabilities.

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