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Mobile Device Management

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Why Enterprise Mobility?

Mobile Device Management(MDM) promotes workforce mobility and access control by enhancing employee productivity without compromising corporate security. Organizations can remotely and securely manage employee devices and applications while keeping corporate data secure.

With integrated solutions, improved security, and simplified support, Cloudilax Solutions enables businesses to take a well-planned approach to mobility. We assist organizations in increasing communication, enabling flexible working, and delivering a consistent user experience in the office and on the road by improving control of the mobile estate.

With enterprise mobility, greater flexibility and efficiency are realized, increasing productivity and reduced costs. Businesses require a defined usage policy and a management plan to maintain strong security and governance requirements.

Enhance User Productivity and Workplace Flexibility

We help at every stage of the journey from defining mobile strategies, identifying user needs, and supplying and deploying new devices to integrating existing systems, providing management and support, and disposing of devices. We’ve industrialized our mobility services, enabling organizations to take advantage of proven best practices that mitigate risk and efficient processes that minimize cost.

Cloudilax Solution’s approach is focused on the user experience. We recommend best-fit mobile solutions. We implement collaboration and security solutions. And we provide support from our global service centers. The user experience is underpinned by the delivery and management of best-of-breed technology implemented either on-premise or from the cloud. We help organizations implement their policy and governance requirements with tailored procurement options, enterprise mobility management policies, configuration and management, and telco expense management. 

We provide the extended solutions that are needed to mobilize the workforce and digitalize the workplace, such as wireless networking, cloud services, and self-service corporate app stores. With Computacenter’s comprehensive services, organizations can deliver joined-up mobility initiatives that boost user productivity, enhance customer engagement and drive digital transformation in the workplace and beyond.

Leveraging deep expertise in mobile technology, we create roadmaps and detailed requirements, assess how to apply mobile technologies to your business processes, and evaluate and select suitable vendors.

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Expand Your Security with MDM

Get greater protection, detection, and response capabilities for your mobile workforce. EMS and its products increase the security features of Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 and extend them to your entire environment including investments that aren’t supplied by Microsoft.

Asset Management

Get a visibility of all your assets in context, validate security policy compliance, and automate remediation. Supervise everything in your IT infrastructure — no matter who, what, or where — within one comprehensive platform.

Data Security

Encrypt data while ensuring that the end receiver can see it. Distinguish between business and personal data and ensure that sensitive data is handled correctly. If the device is lost or stolen, the company data can be automatically wiped

Email Management

Implement secure email setups on employee devices used to send encrypted information. Our profile-based security policies help monitor and handle emails


Devices can be tracked and monitored from a central location based on the organization's security settings. Controls gain corporate and mobile applications access based on user profiles set in company policy

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