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Senate Of Puerto Rico Targeted By Cyberattack

On Wednesday, Puerto Rico’s senate was targeted by a cyberattack that disabled its official online page, phone system, and internet provider as confirmed by Jose Luis Dalmau, the president of that legislative body.

Puerto Rico has struggled with cyberattacks in recent years. One of which was an attack on a private company’s website that took over operations to transmit and distribute electricity in the United States. The attack prevented members from accessing the site.

Also, In 2020, the Puerto Rican government almost lost over 54million to an online scam. This forced the authorities to freeze 2.9million. Puerto Rico’s fire department database was attacked later that same year, and the hackers demanded $600,000.

The recent attack has been reported to the local and federal authorities. It is now under investigation with the support of the Puerto Rico innovation and technology service.

However, there’s no evidence that the hackers could access sensitive information belonging to employees, consultants, or contractors. Also, the incident has not involved the loss of public funds.

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