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Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability management is a process that involves identifying and categorizing weaknesses and applying remedies to such flaws in an IT environment. It also focuses on discovering and reporting such liabilities and prioritizing them for response and solutions.

With the significant number of threat actors whose sole job is to exploit IT weaknesses, organizations must take serious steps towards vulnerability management. Many compliance, audit, and risk management frameworks require a well-implemented vulnerability management program. To prevent vulnerability risks, organizations need to watch their networks closely to identify such risks and protect themselves from them. Therefore, a good vulnerability management program should be included and be at the heart of an organization’s security infrastructure.

Our vulnerability management services focus on your assets. We perform an evaluation and intelligence gathering concerning your risk exposure. Thus, one knows the security status of their enterprise at any given time and can take proper actions towards solving any security problems that may arise. Through effective vulnerability management, an intelligent enterprise protects its image and saves cost.

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Vulnerability Five Key Stages

By effectively managing this risk, vulnerability management protects your reputation and revenues. This happens in five key stages.



Finding out what is on an enterprise's network is necessary to manage vulnerabilities successfully.


After discovery, all devices, systems, and applications found on the network are scrutinized for weaknesses.


The identified vulnerabilities are classified to decide which requires immediate action and poses more significant risks.


Solutions to these vulnerabilities are tactically implemented with minimal business downtime, and exceptions managed.


Create on demand and customizable reports

Benefits of an Effective
Vulnerability Management Program

Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities

The vulnerability management process helps an organization allocate its resources towards remedying vulnerabilities. This occurs through strategies that help identify which vulnerabilities carry more risks.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

More than ensuring that your organization's policies are adhered to, vulnerability management programs help you keep thorough reports that allow you to avoid paying fines for non-compliance to specific regulations.

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