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As organizations continue to expect increased productivity and innovation from their IT departments, desktop and server virtualization and cloud-based services have become vital for these IT departments to meet organizational expectations. Businesses need to virtualize their IT infrastructure to strike a balance between increased efficiency, flexibility, utilization of existing assets, and the cost incurred by these operations.

Cloudilax Solutions is an acclaimed virtualization integrator. For years, we’ve been guiding our clients to enjoy the many merits of virtualization, among which are SMB and enterprise-level implementations. These achievements stem from our immense and broad understanding of desktops, servers, and data virtualization projects and installations. To ensure our customers continue to experience the best service solution for their virtualization, we employ Citrix, Microsoft, or VMWare virtualization technology.

So, why virtualize? What are the benefits? By leveraging virtual infrastructure solutions, IntraSystems offers our clients the following immediate benefits:

Lower total cost of ownership

While helping to increase the efficiency of available hardware, virtualization also gives room for the use of legacy equipment. This way, one can realize complete optimization of available hardware resources. Also, having virtual infrastructure solves the need to create or acquire more space to hold hardware equipment thereby, saving the cost of buying, building, or renting additional space. There is also the bonus of not bringing in additional cooling or electricity at your workplace to cater to Virtual server consolidation

Improve hardware and application availability

The ability to change whole virtual spaces without experiencing breaks in service, create a backup, and ensure its security goes a long way in improving business continuity. With virtualization, there is no need for planned breaks or stops, and there is also the ability to recover immediately from unexpected glitches, therefore eliminating gaps in service.

Increased efficiency

Virtualization allows for the installation, examination, management, and monitoring of secure desktop environments that users can access from their homes on nearly all standard devices, e.g., desktop, laptop, or tablet PC, eliminating the necessity of network connection. This allows IT managers to perform more tasks as they have fewer servers to manage.

Desktop Virtualization Solutions

We offer our customers— ranging from small workgroups that require everyday user experiences to larger enterprises such as government, university colleges, and other such places where there is the need for the security, dedication, and personalization of computing environments— numerous desktop virtualization solutions based on their needs. We deliver devices that give unbeatable value in performance, safety, and merits and exceed the usual PC model for every user.

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